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Carroll Beard

Saturday, 16-09-06 23:19

Just been to a gig at Stroud Art Space, and was totally blown away by your music. In turns, amused, amazed and moved to tears at your wonderful breadth of talent and virtuosity. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Come again soon!!


Rachel Heal

Tuesday, 05-09-06 19:54

Hello Ms Barr
I looked at your website and listened to some of your music, it was very good.
Best wishes
Rachel Heal
Whitstone School


Lisa Robathan

Monday, 22-05-06 11:47

hello! I'm *another* one of those Royal Holloway / Absolute Harmony people, you are all going to think we are stalking you soon...

I heard you on channel five! starflashthunder was being used to advertise star trek night - how exciting! (not so much the star trek, I was more of a farscape fan..) and wanted to say congrats!

Hope to come and do a workshop with you again soon!
Lisa x


hayley seviour

Saturday, 25-03-06 14:51

i have looked at the site and it looksvery good.

i have also listened to the music and it sounds xcellent.


Amy Brown from London

Monday, 20-03-06 17:45

Hi! I was at the Teddington workshop and gig with my choir, Absolute Harmony from Royal Holloway. We loved you guys, it was great to see you again! Thank you so much for a great day.