About Naked Voices

Naked Voices

Naked Voices’ trademark is sparkling acappella arrangements of an impressively diverse range of songs, brought to life by atmospheric tableaux and choreography. Using only the human voice, sixteen individually talented vocalists work together to create a shifting musical tapestry in a show that is suitable for all ages and all musical tastes.

Stage-lighting and projections add to the drama, but there isn’t a microphone in sight.

Most of the material is arranged by director Dee Jarlett, but other members of the band David Green, Carrie Freeman, John Dougherty and Elaine Wilson, as well as previous co-director Ali Orbaum, have also chucked their musical hats into the ring, The result is their finest set to date, with songs by Britney, Bjork and Bowie rubbing up alongside Eric Satie, Flanders and Swann, Bulgarian harvest songs and a 16th century madrigal.  Dee, Ali, Chris and Jo also run two of the biggest choirs in Bristol - The Gasworks Choir and Bristol Voices. Gasworks Choir and Gasworks Singers. The highly acclaimed choreography is created and directed by Gill Malpass and the visuals by Dom Winsor.

For eight years, Naked Voices have been performing at theatres and Arts Centres all over the country. Their summer performances have included the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005 - the latter two years winning coveted Sell out Show Awards. They have also performed many times at the Bath Fringe, Glastonbury and other festivals and in 2004 they took a theatre at the Prague Festival Fringe.

Alongside their concerts, Naked Voices run hugely popular “Sing Your Socks Off” harmony singing workshops, which are open to anyone who wants to take part. Four band members teach three complete song arrangements in an afternoon, in full four part harmony. All the music is taught by ear. Whenever possible they invite the participants to perform on stage with them as part of Naked Voices’ evening concert.

For more information, contact Dee Jarlett.