Sell-out show 2005

TV Appearances -

• Featured in BBC2's  'Edinburgh Nights' - August 2002, also shown on BBC4
• Featured in BBC Radio 3's pick of the Fringe programme 'In Tune' 2001
• Live performance from Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens main stage shown on Edinburgh cable TV.

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"Naked Voices' talent is so rich, their repertoire so broad and their performance so energetic that its quite a heavenly package. Uplifting wit, seamless choreography and unselfconscious verve."   Venue

2007 - Edinburgh Festival  * * * * *

"After a break from the Fringe last year Naked Voices make a welcome return to the Fringe this year and I was privileged to see their opening gig in a packed out C Venue.

This exceptionally talented group of acappella singers are usually very good, however this year they were superb. All sixteen vocalists, nine women and six men have excellent voices and the way they use these to create the sounds they do just leave me in amazement.

Their choice of music is varied, Britney, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Alanis Morrisette and Queen rub shoulders with more traditional numbers and even Pearl & Dean commercials.

There seems to be more choreography than before, but this certainly does not detract from the spectacle. Problems? Only one I have run out of superlatives to describe how good this group are.

If there is a better group on the Fringe I've yet to find them and I'm afraid they only get five stars because I can't award six!"


2005 - Edinburgh Festival

"Three Weeks"  
"The Naked Voices return to Edinburgh to whip up an acappella storm and show off their many amazing voices. The music they create is sensational, with a myriad of different parts combining to achieve a rich, full bodied, powerful sound. They sing a wide range of covers and really embody them, not only with their voices, but also with the choreography. Each of the sixteen singers bring character to the performance and from their smiles it looks as though they really enjoy doing what they do. They nailed a version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and the 'Beatles - She's Leaving Home' was beautifully heartfelt. A brilliant show that will leave you humming all afternoon."
"It must have been five years ago that i first came across this talented group of acappella singers who created fantastic music with not a single instrument in sight.
They have returned regularly and have always delivered the same high standard of quality music over a wide range of styles from classic to modern pop. Having missed last year for some reason, I was delighted to see them back and I put them high on my list of must see shows.
I certainly was not disappointed. One or two of the faces may have changed but the overall quality hadn't changed from the normal excellent.
The set this year included songs by Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Beatles and also include madrigals, Bulgarian Harvest chants and Starflash Thunder, a medly of film and TV themes The choreography, although not excessive, is very well executed.
So take my advise and get your ticket today, they only do a short season and nearly always sell out, so if you are not quick...... "


Oxford Evening Post - January 2004    Holywell Music Room


Naked voices win the Sell Out Show award from the Edinburgh Fesitval Fringe


"Despite their name, the Naked Voices hallmark is chic, cross-culture dressing and a repertoire requiring them to don a range of hats. A style spectrum which embraces Tomkins, The Beatles and Kate Bush, touches these extremes by way of Afro-music, film-music, holy blues. Last Sunday at the Holywell, they not only brought the house down with their charm and eclat, they also reinforced the lesson snobbery defies: good music cannot be located in just classical, and - mostly - not in pop; it leads unfettered life. These artists blew the dust off Oxford cosiness. Their manner is accessible, affectionate and uncorrupt. I'm not alone in hoping that they come back soon."
Derek Jole, Oxford Times (Nov 02)

Edinburgh Festival 2002 reviews

• August 2002
• Edinburgh
• The Scotsman

"Extraordinary Acappella! I would call it Magnificent, Stupendous or Fantastic. It is almost impossible to express how much I enjoyed this performance"
* * * * * (Aug 02)

"Naked Voices' opening performance is Sunday afternoon sell-out. Deservedly? Yes. The 16-strong choir presents a superbly disciplined, highly polished and well choreographed hour of songs showcasing their versatility and eclecticism…It's their ensemble work that appeals primarily and where they excel, having a damn fine time in the process."
* * * *   The Herald (Aug 02)

"It's a simple idea and it works incredibly well. Take 16 voices and an inspired selection of music and create acappella versions of everything from Bowie to Portishead. The acappella arrangements are truly ingenious - with different members of the group taking the part of different instruments to build up a human wall of sound."
The Scotsman (Aug 02)

• Bristol Evening Post 22nd July 2002


• Venue - Oct 2000
• The Scotsman - 22nd August 2001 - Edinburgh Festival edition
• The List - 23rd August 2001 - Edinburgh Festival edition