Naked Voices Harmony Singing Workshops.

Ali & Dee teaching

"Singing with you has put joy in my heart and a spring in my step - and I know Iím not the only one. What you are doing, or perhaps more importantly the way you are doing it, is just fantastic"

The harmony singing workshops often accompany Naked Voices gigs. Participants learn a number of songs in 4- or 5-part harmony, each in a matter of minutes. and join members of Naked Voices for a relaxing and uplifting experience.

Styles of song include Pop, African, Eastern European, Gospel...

No formal experience is necessary - just plenty of enthusiasm. When possible, workshop participants are invited to perform the songs they have learnt that day at our evening performance. (contact us for more details of our successful workshop-and-gig package).

See upcoming gigs for details of future workshops.

Dee Jarlett and Ali Orbaum have been running harmony singing workshops countrywide for over a decade. They believe in making their workshops accessible to everyone, and are convinced group harmony singing is both therapeutic and fun.