Naked Voices on CD


New for 2007, another dose of Naked Voices live. Like Mouthful, this years 8 track mini CD was recorded with just 4 mikes in an afternoon. What you hear is what you get on stage.
Recorded summer 2007 by Joe Jarlett.



Mouthful -  CD cover


Relish a taste of Naked Voices live! This mini CD has 5 flavoursome tracks recorded with just 3 mikes in a morning. The lushous sound is just what we sound like live.
Recorded summer 2005 by Joe Jarlett.



CD - All Together

All Together

Our latest studio recording, 'All Together' brings two phases of our band into one recording. Several members of Naked Voices have had to move on due to career changes, producing babies or moving house and exciting new voices have joined the ranks. This album has allowed us to bring together both the old band and the new to create something for all of us and from all of us.
Recorded spring 2004 by Dave Lewis and Stephan Hambrook at Toybox Studios and Lakeside Studios, Bristol.

Chambers Street - CD cover

Chambers Street

Recorded live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2002, Chambers Street shows you what Naked Voices can really do. The recordings were made with nothing but a DAT machine and a couple of microphones at the front of the stage. So what you hear is the show, in all its glory.



Uncovered - CD cover


From December 2000 until February 2001, Naked Voices recorded their first album, 'Uncovered', as a record of some of the songs from their repertoire.

Dave leans over a mixing deskDave LewisThe recordings were engineered by two members the Naked Voices: Dave Lewis & Stefan Hambrook. Dave is a professional recording engineer who runs his own studio in Bristol, called the Lakeside Studios. For more information, e-mail Dave direct.


CDs are usually available for sale at Naked Voices gigs. Or alternatively...
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