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Chris Shepherd from -

Monday, 25-04-05 12:03

Enjoyed your show at the Swindon Arts Centre, especially the Star Trek, etc themes and Horace Wimp. I look forward to seeing you again next time you are in the area.


Mel Harris from -

Friday, 18-03-05 13:04

I have just returned home after a wonderful evening's entertainment at the Gateway Centre in the Cotswold Water Park. Its difficult to put into words how enjoyable the concert was - so I will just say a simple "Thank You". You have a wonderful range of different styles and the harmonies are simply breathtaking. From pop to classical, every single song was a gem. Thank you again and I look forward to repeating the experience again next month at the Swindon Arts Centre


Sarah - from -

Thursday, 09-12-04 13:07

I took part in your workshop & saw the Newbury show last night & just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it :) I thought Rocket's Tail was brilliant I love Kate Bush !


Clara - from -

Saturday, 13-11-04 13:05

Hi, My Vocal Teachur played one of your CDS in class a few times and I would just like to say. Wow. You guys are awsome and I really felt something when I listened to your music, well your way of compossing it. It really felt alive. Thank you for being an insperation to pre adults like me!


rowan westbrook from -

Sunday, 07-11-04 13:06

hi i just wanted to say thankyou for the brilliant workshop you did on the 6th. i really enjoyed it and felt i could really sing out! the concert in the evening was also brilliant and very well put together with all the movements and everything. you all have such wonderfull voices, i look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully in stroud! thanks again! x x x