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Anno Steenberg

Wednesday, 27-08-03 12:18

I saw Naked Voices perform at the Edinburgh Festival 2003, and loved them. Some of your songs are better than the originals, methinks, for example Glorybox. That one really had me in ecstasy.



Tuesday, 10-06-03 12:21

I struggled to come up with something appropriate for these pages without sounding like someone's partisan family member (which I'm not) but with hand on heart, I have to say the gig in Unity Chapel London was simply one of the finest pieces of musical entertainment I have ever seen. Despite being prepped with the advance notices I was completely taken aback by the talent of the voices on show and the intricacy of the arrangements. The combination was frequently astonishing, alternately moving and basically wonderful in the precise sense of the word. If you haven't seen this in motion then I think it's impossible to appreciate just how incredible the performances are given that they 'simply' rely on combinations of the human voice. A beautiful venue could hardly hurt but frankly you could stick this lot in a chicken shed and it would still have been great. I've seen several hundred live music events in my time but can confidently say this was simply a genuinely wonderful show. There are famous niche acapella groups like Ladysmith etc but Naked Voices are in my estimation clearly in that league in sheer talent. I look forward to attending the next London show.


Stephen Duffy

Sunday, 08-06-03 12:20

Had a wonderful evening last Saturday at your Hitchin Festival gig in St. Mary's church. Your voices were so joyful, exuberant and powerful - they touched the heart. We floated home after a great night out. Thankyou!


Susan Pope

Saturday, 31-05-03 12:23

In February this year I got a fairly serious bout of bronchitis which was compounded by a viral cough. It's taken me almost four months to shift it and I had to miss a whole season of singing with Trowbridge Philharmonic Choral Society, including the concert just a fortnight ago. Today I joined your workshop at the Arc Theatre - with much trepidation, as I didn't even think I could sing properly. You guys are a revelation. Your approach is so engaging, so welcoming and warm. Every single one of us was a star for a few hours and singing with you on stage was an absolute thrill. Ali, your beaming smile when I got the clapping wrong was so typical of the whole event. The performance was utterly breathtaking. I found myself spellbound by the beauty of your "Adiemus", enthralled at what you did with "Wild Is The Wind", delighted that you remembered the explosions in "The Thunderbirds" and exquisitely moved by "Glorybox". You are simply fantastic. Thank you so much!


Tim Weidner

Thursday, 15-05-03 12:24

Hello Naked Voices, I am a sound engineer who works with the artist Seal. I played him your recording of "Kiss from a Rose" and his first comment after listening was "That is so beautiful!" It really touched him. He was amazed and flattered that you had taken the time to learn what is quite an intricate arrangement. Well done!